Revamp your space with a new rug

The introduction of a new rug to your home will immediately provide an uplift to the space that you are making over.

Revamping a room can be an overwhelming task. You might have questions such as, what colours to use? Do you want to work with patterns or keep to a solid design?Even the size of the rug will come into question and this is a process that can take several days or even months and that's okay. We are here to assist!

When styling your room you will first want to rearrange your furniture in a way that is functional for your lifestyle. You will want to make sure that you enjoy where your seating is placed for entertaining your guests and also for  viewing the television. These two factors alone are a very important part of a living room makeover.

Another step in decorating that is a great way to add wow factor to a room is to consider repainting your walls. A fresh coat of paint can change the whole mood of a space and add a much needed refresh to a bland wall.  

Once you have your furniture in place and your walls freshly painted, you will need the help of rugs, throws, toss-pillows, wall art, and accessories to set the ambience of your space. When adding your rug, which is one of the central and largest parts of your room setting, keep in mind the patterns, colours, and textures. If you are purchasing a rug for your living room, make sure it borders your walls and balances your furniture. You can add toss cushions of contrasting colours picked up from your rug and sofa to harmonise the colour palette of the room. When selecting a rug for the dining space make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dining table and the chairs properly. The use of light colours in small rooms will make them appear bigger. To add a sense of texture to space, go for rugs with small patterns. You can use shag rugs to warm up colder spaces in the house.

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