5 Reasons to add Rugs to your Space!

Most rooms need a rug and some rooms may appear unwelcoming or unfinished without a rug. Adding a rug to your space will transform the room by introducing a sense of luxury and warmth. The right choice of colour, pattern and texture of a rug can evoke feelings of comfort while showing the owners personality in that space. 

Let's now look at the benefits of having a rug!

1) Rugs protects your floors

Whether the room floor is hardwood or carpeted, a rug is the best measure to protect your floors from spills, stains and scratches. If you have kids in your house, rugs will soften the floor surface and will automatically work for their protection too. Replacing or washing a washable rug is much easier as well.

2) Give your space some colour with the right rug!

Rugs not only change the appearance of the room, but tend to change the color scheme. They can add colour to a bland room, or tone down a bright and vibrant room.

3) Lighten up your dark room

If you have dark walls, dark floors, small windows or minimum lighting, the best and easiest way to light up dark and small spaces is to apply bright or light-coloured rugs. If you have dark floors, adding a light-coloured rug will automatically brighten your space.

4) Rugs bring warmth to your home

When rugs are spread across the floorboards during cold winters, they impart warmth to your home. There is no better feeling than to walk on the warmness of the rugs. Therefore, rugs are a must buy as they make your place appear stylish and warm.

5) They will never run out of fashion

Certain rugs given the pattern or texture and are timeless pieces of art. They never really run out of fashion and can add to the ageless story and styling of your home.

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